Welcome cohort 2!

The Damage Labs Studio Startup cohort 2 is back up and running this week! We’re excited to welcome the founders and studios who will be part of our program.

Cohort 2 Founders

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The participating studios will be sharing more about their teams and projects in the coming months.

We were happy to welcome back previous Damage Labs participants, Helen Cheng, Emily Flynn-Jones, where they were joined by DMG co-director Corinne Crichlow and Executive Director Izzie Colpitts-Campbell. We were amazing by the enthusiasm and passion behind all the applications we got this year

Though every single applicant was deserving of support, our priority through the selection process was to form a cohesive cohort that represents a wide variety of approaches, geographies, identities and ideas. We all have so much to share, and so much to learn from each other.

For our second cohort we’ve started to make adjustments from our learning from the pilot program in 2020-2021. This updates include:

  • Curriculmn updates to bringing in more marketing and community development.
  • A smaller cohort to encourage greater collaboration and discussion in an online program.
  • A more diverse, intentional set of mentors, to help studios learn from a wide range of general as well as specialized experience in the industry.

Damage Labs is supported by Ontario Creates.

About DMG

DMG is a not-for-profit video game arts organization that supports people historically excluded from tech and game spaces – especially gender-marginalized and racialized people – to make, play and critique video games within a cultural context.

Founded in 2012, DMG teaches computing skills for artistic expression, offers production and exhibition facilities, and provides community support for the creation of new artworks. The DMG space in Toronto’s West Queen West neighborhood is a community hub engaging creators and the public with the expressive potential of this medium.

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