Hinterland Lead Sponsor at Partner Level For Damage Labs

TORONTO – DMG is proud to announce that BC-based Hinterland Studio Inc. will be the official lead sponsor for Damage Labs Cohort 1 and the Founder Support Fund.

DMG is grateful for the trust Hinterland has placed in the Damage Labs team, and thrilled to see genuine commitment from the leadership at a successful Canadian game studio.

“We are excited to partner with the DMG team in bringing their vision of supporting marginalized founders to build and grow their own success stories,” Leanne Viola, director of People & Culture at Hinterland said. “With the lack of representation in the game industry, we believe that there is a real opportunity to have a lasting impact on the conversation of diversity and its positive impact on the future of the medium. Personally, as a visible minority, I am grateful to work on a team where diverse perspectives are shared and celebrated, and where there is a commitment to bringing this conversation into action for others in our community.”

Hinterland’s sponsorship directly supports marginalized creators founding new game and digital media studios across Canada. In addition to six months of educational workshops, mentorship and peer sessions, studios receive an equity-free grant to help them navigate the first 3-6 months of operation.

The Damage Labs Founder Support Fund pools community resources to fund new studio ventures led by marginalized and underrepresented founders. Learn more about the Founder Support Fund.

Damage Labs is part of the Canadian Women’s Foundation Investment Readiness Program, funded by the Government of Canada; and supported by Ontario Creates.

About Damage Labs

Damage Labs is a free 6-month intensive training program for founders from historically marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds ready to start a game studio. Topics include alternative financing and structures that centre cooperation, social finance investment; and business, legal, and financial planning basics.

About DMG

DMG is a not-for-profit video game arts organization that supports people historically excluded from tech and game spaces – especially gender-marginalized and racialized people – to make, play and critique video games within a cultural context.

Founded in 2012, DMG teaches computing skills for artistic expression, offers production and exhibition facilities, and provides community support for the creation of new artworks. The DMG space in Toronto’s West Queen West neighborhood is a community hub engaging creators and the public with the expressive potential of this medium.

About Hinterland Games

Hinterland is an independent game studio and original IP creator headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2012 by veteran writer, director, and producer Raphael van Lierop, Hinterland is a multinational, multi-ethnic team of veteran creators united around a singular goal: to expand the boundaries of interactive entertainment and pioneer original experiences from the edge of the mainstream games industry. Hinterland’s games aim to foster a sense of social responsibility, providing sophisticated worlds to anyone seeking original settings and thoughtful experiences. The studio’s first title, THE LONG DARK, has over 6-million players worldwide. For more information visit www.hinterlandgames.com or www.thelongdark.com.