Game controller

The game needs to change.

Too few studios are led by queer and gender-marginalized people – which means power, capital and content continues to be controlled by people within a narrow band of identities and experiences.
Our mission is to eliminate the barriers to starting and sustaining game studios owned and led by marginalized creators.

Behind-the-scenes Team

Izzie Colpitts-Campbell is a designer, artist, technologist, grassroots community organizer.

She works with the body, leather, code and computational fashion. She is currently a UX lead at Shopify where she works designing developer tools for the app platform. Through her work as president of the board of DMG, board member at the Toronto Media Arts Centre, she is devoted to supporting and educating artists interested in software and electronic arts.

Kaitlin Tremblay is a writer and a narrative designer at Capy Games in Toronto.

Her independent game work has focused on creating space for positive and productive conversations around mental health, difficult emotions, and healing in video games. She was the lead writer on the death positive video game A Mortician’s Tale (Laundry Bear Games 2017) and a lead narrative designer on Watch Dogs Legion (Ubisoft Toronto). Kaitlin serves as DMG’s industry liaison.